Miso Soup 4
Traditional Japanese soup made of bean paste, with soft tofu, seaweed and green onions
Edamame 4.5
Green soybeans in the pod, seasoned with kosher salt and sesame oil, served warm # Add Garlic or/and Spicy Sauce for $1
Seaweed Salad 6
Green wakame seaweed, topped with sesame seeds
Cucumber Salad 5
Thinly sliced English cucumber seasoned with house vinegar sauce, topped with sesame seeds
Fried Calamari 15
Large thick squid rings battered and deep fried, served with sweet chili sauce
Gyoza 9
Japanese style potstickers, pan fried and steamed, choice of Pork, Chicken or Vegetable, 6 pcs
Crab Ragoon 8
Wonton wrap stuffed with cream cheese, deep-fried, served with sweet chili sauce, 5 pcs
Spring Roll 4
Vegetables wrapped in thin flour wrapper, deep fried, served with sweet chili sauce, 2 pcs
Tempura Combo 10.5
Shrimp, asparagus, sweet potato and jalapeno battered and fried, served with tsuyu sauce, 3 pcs each
BBQ Pork Bun 6
Hong Kong style bread like soft fluffy wraps stuffed with sweete BBQ pork, steamed, 3 pcs
Scallion Pancake 4.5
Chinese style quesadilla made of soft dough and green onions, pan fried, served with garlic spicy sauce, 4 pcs
Lotus Chicken 4.5
Sweet rice with marinated chicken and mushroom wrapped in lotus leaf, steamed, 2 pcs
Tuna Tataki * 15
Seared Tuna, topped with scallions and ponzu sauce

Noodle & Rice

Tonkotsu Ramen * 12
Thin ramen noodle in pork bone broth, topped with pork, soft boiled egg, seaweed strip and green onion # Add spicy sauce for $1
Tempura Udon 12
Udon noodle in light tsuyu soup, topped with green onion, tempura shrimp/sweet potato and asparagus on the side
Spicy Teriyaki Chicken Bowl 12
Chicken tempura tossed in house spicy teriyaki sauce, minced garlic and green onion, served with steamed rice, spicy slaw and cucumber salad, topped with green onion and sesame seeds


Sashimi Plate * 20
7pcs of sashimi, chef's choice
Salmon * 15
Tuna * 18
Yellowtail * 18
Albacore * 15
Red Snapper * 15
Shrimp 15
White Tuna * 18
Fresh Water Eel 18


Nigiri Plate * 20
5pcs of nigiri, chef's choice
Salmon * 8
Tuna * 9
Yellowtail * 9
Albacore * 8
Red Snapper * 8
Shrimp 8
White Tuna * 9
Fresh Water Eel 9


Godzilla * Giant Roll 19
Soft shell crab/Shrimp tempura/spicy tuna/crab mix/cucumber/avocado/cream cheese; spicy mayo/eel sauce
Flaming Dragon * Torched 16
Shrimp tempura/spicy tuna/cucumber; salmon on top; spicy mayo/eel sauce
Las Vegas * Deep Fried 14
Salmon/crab mix/avocado/cream cheese, spicy mayo/eel sauce
Tiger King * 15
Shrimp tempura/crab mix/cucumber/avocado; spicy crab mix/spicy tuna on top; spicy may/eel sauce
Shrimp Daddy 16
Shrimp tempura/crab mix/avocado; shrimp/avocado on top; spicy mayo/eel sauce
Mt Fuji * Torched 16
Spicy Salmon/avocado/jalapeno/takuan; white tuna on top; spicy mayo
Rainbow * 16
Crab mix/cucumber/avocado; assorted fish/avocado on top
Dragon 16
Crab mix/cucumber/avocado; fresh water eel/avocado on top; eel sauce
Vegetarian 9
Asparagus tempura/cucumber/avocado/takuan/yamagobo
California 7
Crab mix/cucumber/avocado
Philly * 8
Smoked Salmon/cream cheese/cucumber
Alaska * 8
Salmon/cream cheese/cucumber/avocado; eel sauce
Tootsie 9
Shrimp/crab mix/cucumber; tempura flakes/eel sauce
Shrimp Tempura 9
Shrimp tempura/cucumber; spicy mayo/eel sauce
Salmon Avocado * 8
Tuna Avocado * 9
Eel Cucumber 9
Eal sauce on top
Spicy Salmon * 8
Spicy salmon/cucumber
Spicy Yellowtail * 9
Spicy yellowtail/cucumber
Spicy Tuna * 8
Spicy tuna/cucumber; spicy mayo
Spicy Shrimp 8
Spicy shrimp/cucumber; spicy mayo
Medlen * 9
Yellowtail or Albacore/jalapeno/cucumber; jalapeno sauce

* Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or egg may increase your risk of foodborne illnesses.


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